Little Goose Ranch Breeding

Little Goose Ranch carefully selects genetics from some of the country’s most proven and trusted registered black Angus producers.

A few of the key traits that the LGR herd is built upon include:

  • Docility
  • Bulls that have sired calves with good calf vigor
  • Modest birth weights
  • Strong weight gains
  • Excellent performance to weaning and beyond

We heat synchronize our cow herd and use A.I. to maximize the desired genetic combination of cow and sire. Our A.I. technician has decades of experience, plus our ranch team members are hands-on with our herd throughout every step of the breeding – and raising – process.

LGR genetically tests every calf produced to confirm the parentage so our customers are assured of the progeny their bull promises. We also guarantee our bulls. We believe in our herd and stand behind the quality Little Goose Ranch offers.