About Little Goose Ranch

In a roundabout way, the roots of Little Goose Ranch stem from the late 1800s in the Midwest.

The Meredith family, which has owned LGR since 1984, had long farmed in Iowa. The family also was involved in the publishing industry, and in 1902 Edwin T. Meredith began publishing Successful Farming. While Meredith went on to be named U.S. Secretary of Agriculture under President Woodrow Wilson, his first publication became the cornerstone of what is today’s Meredith Corporation based in Des Moines, Iowa.

Eventually members of the family discovered a love for the West, particularly Wyoming. The Merediths bought land in Wyoming in the 1970s and later looked for another working ranch where they could put down new roots in the West.

They decided on Little Goose Ranch, captivated by a unique landscape that sits at the edge of Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains. The stunning geological formations were a big draw for the family as Ted Meredith (E. T. III) held a degree in geology. The terrain rolls from a scenic valley up into fins of rock and open hills as the lowlands meld with the Bighorn foothills. Little Goose Creek rushes through the land, giving the ranch its name.

Prior to 1984, LGR had been home to an Arabian horse ranch. The Meredith family’s history, though, was in cattle. The family set to work taking down old buildings and mile after mile of horse fencing to ready the land for cattle.

For many years Little Goose Ranch raised commercial Angus. In more recent years, the ranch has focused on creating a registered black Angus breeding program based on quality genetics.

Maintaining a small herd of exceptional cattle allows us to be good stewards of this unique and incredible land we call Little Goose Ranch while providing our customers with the quality angus that we take pride in offering.